Stow Archiv' office shelves

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Stow Archiv' shelving

The smart archiving storage solution

Our static archiving racking systems combine optimised storage space and accessibility.
The complete range of accessories offers a solution for the most common requirements.


Stow Archiv’s shelving systems are designed for office archiving in different dimensions and with multiple accessories.

  1. Shelf
  2. Back panel
  3. Bracing
  4. End panel
  5. Bin front
  6. Drawer
  7. Plinth
  8. Frame


Bin fronts

Base plinths


Half separators

Wire dividers

File suspenders

Adhesive label holders


Mobile archiving systems

Where compact storage is required whilst keeping a high degree of accessibility to the stored archives, mobile shelving racking may be the best solution.

Stow Archiv’ mobile is a high-density storage system where the shelving racking is installed onto mobile carriages, allowing opening and closing of the aisles.
This very efficient solution creates a much higher archiving storage capacity.

Rails and flooring

The number of rails is depending on the length of the mobile trolleys.
The rails are installed onto the floor and the height is leveled with a wooden flooring and access ramp.
The rails can also be embedded in the floor slab.

The steering wheel

The aisles can be moved with the steering wheel with an integrated security stop.
Particular aisles can be closed by key, securing the confidentiality of the archives.


The transmission of the Stow Archiv’ mobile shelving system is by friction.
The steering wheel is connected to the running wheels by means of a chain.

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