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Very Narrow Aisle racking at Catch Of The Day

Catch Of The Day, Australia’s largest E-Commerce retailer, operates their logistics from a large facility in Truganina, Victoria.
As part of an upgrade of the facility Stow Australia was chosen as the successful candidate for the implementation of the storage solution.

A major component of Stow Australia’s installation is the addition of 14,500 pallet locations.

One of the largest challenges for Stow Australia was the need for an improved picking cycle, a streamlined warehouse servicing plan and improved utilisation of the entire warehouse’s potential. This led our design team to create a Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) solution. By using this, Stow Australia was able to maximise Catch Of The Day’s pallet locations whilst minimising wasted floor space and fully addressing all of the client’s needs.

Another key concern for our client was to allow the warehouse to remain operational during work hours. This was achieved by Stow Australia throughout the entire installation process. Catch Of The Day’s operation did not stop at any stage of the installation and is now in full use.

A key decision in selecting Stow Australia was our Safety Yellow beams. Catch of the Day recognised this as a major product innovation and immediately projected its benefits. This is our first “Safety Yellow” beam installation and from both Catch Of The Day and Stow Australia’s perspective indicates a clear commitment and dedication to safety.

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