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Stow Atlas II shuttle installation for Gundagai Meat Processors (GMP)

Stow Australia has completed a Stow Atlas II Shuttle Installation for Gundagai Meat Processors (GMP) in Gundagai NSW. This is a landmark installation for GMP.

Stow’s Atlas II Shuttle System has considerable developments upon the original Atlas Shuttle design. First of all the shuttles productivity and speed are increased. This ensures maximum warehouse efficiency and productivity.

Coupled with these product improvements are the smaller, more powerful and longer lasting batteries. These batteries have been developed to increase usable time per battery recharge and decrease the batteries recharge time. GMP are a family owned business located in Gundagai for 3 generations. They process in excess of 600,000 lambs annually. GMP hold innovation and responsiveness to market demands as key business drivers. This is highlighted through the Stow Atlas Shuttle System II installation.

GMP’s drive for maximising warehouse efficiency and increasing the usable storage space led them to Stow Australia and in particularly the Stow Atlas Shuttle II System. The Atlas Shuttle II System fits perfectly with the requirements from GMP’s operations and warehouse departments. Stow Australia’s design department worked closely with GMP as well as Stow International (Belgium) to design the most efficient and cost effective racking and system layout. This process was seamless by all parties and included several variations including layouts, product cycles and fork truck efficiency cycles.

Stow Australia - In The Eyes Of An Atlas Shuttle

Major Benefits of Stow’s Atlas Shuttle II

  • Increased warehouse productivity and efficiency
  • Increased Storage Capability
  • Decreased Racking Installation Damage Risk
  • Ideal for Cold Store and Freezer Room applications
  • Racking Lane Depth is unlimited
  • Different pallet types and sizes can be used
  • Safer OHS Racking Solution for Forklift operatorsIMG 4092

The Stow Atlas Shuttle II works with Drive In style racking to increase pallet pick speed by transporting the pallet to the forklift. The shuttle itself reduces the racking aisle width therefore increasing storage space and reducing the risk of damage to the installation. The shuttle can be moved by a forklift from racking lane to lane, level to level.

For this particular installation, GMP ordered two shuttles. The shuttles are remote controlled by the forklift operator. At the time of writing this case study, GMP has ordered another shuttle to boost their shuttle count to three, due to their insight on the increased efficiency! This process will involve a seamless commissioning of the shuttle by the Stow Australia team. The team at Stow Australia looks forward to the ongoing relationship with GMP.

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