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Montague Cold Storage

Montague Cold Storage are proud to announce the completion of their new facility in Truganina, Melbourne, Australia. In continuing to “excel at providing a service to customers that exceeds their expectations of quality and value” Montague engaged Stow Australia for the racking design, fit out, installation and ongoing service. Montague have nine facilities on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia and they are proud to say a market leader in the Cold Storage industry.

Moving to their facility in Truganina, Montague had the vision of increasing efficiency whilst maximizing usable storage space. Stow Australia’s design incorporated Double Deep Selective Racking with Pallet Live Storage (PLS) feeders (on the third level of the installation) and PLS lanes.

This design dramatically saves time when moving pallets from storage aisles to picking areas. Stow also installed custom Rack Protection and Safety Mesh to increase the safety of employees, product and the installation. Included in this design is Long Span Shelving which is used in the freezer room for samples. A key concern of Montague, and their Engineering Consultant, BECA, was the installations flexibility and requirement to adapt to future product, industry and market pressures. Montague are please to say that Stow Australia’s design excelled in all of these requirements.

Stow’s Safety Yellow was a major benefit for Montague as we see its safety benefits! It has notably made the warehouse brighter and thus increased visibility of stock and the racking installation.

The Stow Australia team worked closely with Montague Cold Storage to design and install the installation without obstructing Montague’s day to day tasks. This was prevalent in the PLS incorporation to maximize efficiency throughout the installation design.

The installation is now fully operational and we look forward to our ongoing and successful relationship with Stow Australia. “They were everything we could have hoped for in a supply partnership and their expertise and advice was invaluable and indeed a major factor for the sites success”.

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