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5500+ pallet locations of selective and drive in racking at Kumho

Stow Australia has recently completed the Selective, Drive In and Raised Storage installation at Kumho Tyres new DC in Melbourne Australia. Kumho Tyres produce over 68 million tyres per year, ranking it in the “top ten of tyre companies in the world” with research and development facilities in Korea, China, the UK and USA and a global sales presence across 150 countries. Kumho pride themselves on Innovation, Research and Design and this fits perfectly with Stow Australia's philosophy.

Moving into their new distribution centre, Kumho needed a solution to adapt and enable product and sku flexibility for now and into the future. Stow Australia's design team worked closely with Kumho to meet and exceed Kumho’s requirements though the integration of both Selective and Drive In racking. The installed solution includes over 5500 pallet locations of Selective and Drive In pallet racking.

A key requirement from Kumho was for the Selective Racking to hold their special pallet size (1700 x 1700mm) which was incorporated in Stow’s design. Stow Australia also installed pedestrian and forklift barriers along with Beam location labelling. Whilst maximizing storage space, Stow Australia designed a fully integrated work and pick flow to optimize the warehouse’s storage capability.

The installation commenced on site whilst the building itself was still under construction. This was a major advantage for Kumho, as the racking was ready to use once the site construction had finished.
Kumho’s eye for precision and excellence led them to Stow Australia and specifically our market innovation in Safety Yellow. It adds safety and visibility to your racking for your investment and employees.

Kumho’s warehouse is now fully operational and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with Kumho.

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