Miniload multi-store

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Miniload multi-store

Automated storage for large quantities

The “beam” type automated storage and retrieval system, called the Miniload multi-store system is most commonly used for storing cartons and totes in large quantities and different sizes. The system fulfils the requirements of most system integrators. It is used for AS/RS handling devices equipped with side grips or an extracting mechanism, pulling-out cartons or totes at their front or back.

The totes may be stored single or double deep, depending on the technique used and the required system throughput. The stringent FEM 9.832 regulations are the basis for the design, production and installation tolerances.

The construction is based on the Stow pallet racking system.The dedicated front beams, back beams and depth panels are perforated and profiled on our automated production lines, ensuring the very high quality needed for this type of installation. All components are fully adaptable to fulfill the specific requirements of the installation.