Midi Rack longspan shelving

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Midi Rack long span racking

Solutions for hand loaded products

Long span racking

Stow’s fully adjustable Midi Rack® long span racking system is a good solution for storage of light to medium heavy loads. You can use the long span racking system in almost any situation: shelving racking, long span racking, multitier and high rise installations.

Main benefits of Stow’s long span shelving and racking system

  • Quick assembly
  • Good stability
  • Low cost
  • Various possibilities of shelves

Midi Rack® long span racking

Midi Rack® long span racking system is especially designed for the storage of hand loaded heavy products, such as machinery equipment, tools and boxes or totes of different sizes.

Construction of a long span shelving system

The Construction of Stow’s long span racking system is similar to pallet racking. It comprises frames, beams, a full range of accessories and wooden or metal shelves.

The upright is perforated at a pitch of 50 mm allowing boltless mounting of the beams. The tapered shape of the hook guarantees a stable and rigid design, even without back bracing. The pyramidal side-perforations allow mounting of Stow Shelf® shelves using the same shelf clips. Our light duty system Stow Shelf® can be combined with the Midi Rack® long span racking system as the perforations are on the same level and pitch. The open frame is composed of two uprights and a number of diagonals.

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