High rise shelving

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High rise shelving

High-tech for high rise shelving

The Midi Rack® long span racking and the Stow Shelf® shelving system are suitable for free-standing high rise installations served by order-picking trucks. Variable shelf heights are achieved with the adjustable shelves or beams, in accordance with the size of the stored goods. These systems can be serviced by a wide variety of order picking trucks.
The truck aisles must comply with the specifications of the truck manufacturers. Often side guidance is installed to guide the truck.

The accuracy of the installation is very high, in particular for systems serviced by automatically controlled cranes, which are also guided at the top. The installation is designed to withstand the horizontal forces exerted by the crane and takes into account the high frame slenderness. Verticality and stability are obtained by bracing the racking in both vertical and horizontal planes.

For very heavy loads or very high installations we recommend Stow’s Pal Rack® pallet racking system. The beam levels can be equipped with either closed shelves or mesh.