Carton live storage

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Carton live storage

Carton Live is Stow’s dynamic storage system that offers many advantages in the order picking process:

  • Reduced walking
  • First-in / First-out stock rotation is guaranteed with Carton Live
  • Carton Live saves space by eliminating walkways
  • Picking speeds and productivity will improve with Carton Live

The roller tracks of the Carton Live storage system are used in a number of combinations, depending on the carton sizes, the quality of the carton and the weight. The roller-beds are developed to allow a maximum flexibility in the positioning of the tracks. They can be installed at a very small pitch.

Carton Live Accessories

  • Brake clips to control the speed of the cartons on the Carton Live system
  • Lane separators at entry or along the full depth
  • Roller protection and integrated stops
  • Drop-out tray for picking

Order Picking System

For ergonomic picking in a Carton Live system, the roller-beds can be equipped with a drop-out tray. The angle of this tray is adjustable so that the best access to the goods can be obtained. The powered picking conveyor can be integrated in front of the Carton Live racking.

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