Mezzanine flooring system

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Mezzanine Floor Systems

Mezzanine floors

Stow’s Mezza-Stow® Mezzanine flooring system has been developed for the construction of system floors. Unlike other systems, it can be easily expanded, moved or modified. Combined with a full range of accessories, such as staircases, handrails and safety gates, you can use these mezzanine floors in almost any situation. Multitier flooring systems and pallet racking systems can be combined with mezzanine flooring.

Benefits of Mezzanine floors

  • Mezzanine floors are cheaper than conventional steel floors.
  • The modular structure of the mezzanine flooring system makes it more flexible.
  • Sprinkler pipes, electrical cabling, staircases, … can be integrated very easily.

Grating floors

In some cases grating is used for the decking of the mezzanine floors. The grating is available in various dimensions, according the uniformly load capacity required, the point load and the span of the secondary beams.

Mezzanine flooring combined with pallet racking

The mezzanine floors can be connected onto the standard pallet racking frames using specially designed connectors. Pallet racking combined with mezzanine flooring is often applied for picking floors or to support in- and outfeed conveyors for automated racking systems.

Pallet shuttle system on a mezzanine construction

Apart from our conventional pallet racking system, mezzanines can also be combined with the Stow Atlas pallet shuttle system. The deep lane storage components can be bolted onto the mezzanine construction. This way you can create additional storage space without altering the warehouse.

Combining a mezzanine with Stow Atlas allows you to increase the storage density while maintaining flexibility under the platform.

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